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Our Story

Little Cake is a pastry Shop where you feel pampered. Our cupcakes, cake, Chocolate  and, cookies are made with the freshest ingredients using the finest eggs and butter on the market, with no additives or preservatives. They are then baked with love and decorated with devotion. Our sumptuous chocolate is made with the finest Belgian cocoa and raw materials that will keep consumers coming back for more.

The concept is simple and straight from the heart, while the end-product looks very classy and sophisticated. In short, it is deal to be franchised by anyone who appreciates fine baking that boasts the best of French and American traditions, together with a generous topping of Lebanese hospitality.

Say it the Little Cake way
We create ! You Impress.

Our mission has been to create a small world of sweets which awaken the five senses. You'll fall in love when you see our cakes, enjoy their velvety feel in the mouth, adore the cakes' sweet scent, embrace their delicious taste and will be happy to hear the compliments of anyone who tries them.