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Special Events

  • Birthday Packages


    Little Cake children's birthday parties are so special, offering loads of entertainment, delicious food, 3D themed birthday cake, video, photographer, birthday invitation and awesome party ideas. Book your party between 2000 USD and 5000 USD.

  • Mother's Day Special

    GoPOP & Little Cake MOM’s tray
    1 big decorated cupcake serve 8 persons chocolate flavored 
    12 decorated mini cupcakes vanilla flavored 
    12 GoPOP ice cream different flavors 
    1 bottle chocolate sauce 
    12 decorated cookies vanilla flavor 
    Direction to eat: open the cupcake, insert the ice cream, let it melt by pouring the chocolate sauce ( heat it first) 
    Place your order 48 hours in advance.
  • Joyful Gift

    Steel Basket 
    2 Decorated Cupcakes 
    Chocolate Chip cookies 200 gr
    Oat and Chocolate cookies 200 gr
    3 Cake Pops  
    15 3D medium size decorated cookies 
    Medium size cookies 
    1 KG of Chocolate