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Catering & Events

  • Birthday Party


    The Birthday EVENT EXPERIENCE 

    Our creative team at Little Cake  works alongside with your Children s to create a unique and “Instagrammable” experience for unforgettable  parties all over the city 

    Looking for someone who can plan your Birthday Event? ? Get in touch with our team

    Starting price $850  for 25 persons ! delivery outside Lebanon Excluded 

    We Create You Impress! 

  • Mother's Day Special

    GoPOP & Little Cake MOM’s tray
    1 big decorated cupcake serve 8 persons chocolate flavored 
    12 decorated mini cupcakes vanilla flavored 
    12 GoPOP ice cream different flavors 
    1 bottle chocolate sauce 
    12 decorated cookies vanilla flavor 
    Direction to eat: open the cupcake, insert the ice cream, let it melt by pouring the chocolate sauce ( heat it first) 
    Place your order 48 hours in advance.
  • Joyful Gift

    Steel Basket 
    2 Decorated Cupcakes 
    Chocolate Chip cookies 200 gr
    Oat and Chocolate cookies 200 gr
    3 Cake Pops  
    15 3D medium size decorated cookies 
    Medium size cookies 
    1 KG of Chocolate 
  • Sweet Table


                             SWEET TABLES 

    Sweet table for any occasion, wedding, engagement, baby born, Christenning ,  valid for 30 persons 

    For your orders please e mail us, decoration and branding will be adapted to your dream theme 

    Delivery outside Lebanon will be quoted separately, depending on the destination.  

  • Branded cupcakes


    Branded cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate flavor 

    minimum Order 12 

  • Christmas Cupcakes


    A collection of Christmas Cupcakes will impress your loved ones 

    Vanilla and chocolate flavors minimum Order 12